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Good Friday Revelation

To all fellow bloggers   I am sorry that I have not written here for such along time. My life had become increasingly busy and had squeezed out any room for writing and contemplation. The pace of my life instead … Continue reading

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What is success and failure in God’s upside down Kingdom? (2)

Blessings from Failure:   Back in 2011 and prior to my discovery of dyspraxia, my boss tried to help me rectify my overloaded caseload. We worked together and I tried hard to please my manager. I never could. I fell … Continue reading

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An Imaginative retelling of the anointing at Bethany

Which came first-the thought or the feeling, the chicken or the egg? Like that eternal riddle, I will never know the answer as I became aware of both at the same time. It was early morning, already bright, and the … Continue reading

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Pretty Amazing Grace

I heard this song by Neil Diamond just at the right time for me. I played it, listened to it and sang along to it over and over again. Dearest friend, I hope it brings light into your darkness too. 

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Post Christmas Blues: is Christmas only for the children?

I hate the beginning of a new year. Where I live in the north-west of England the weather is discouraging. It is dark in the mornings and at tea-time; it can be dark all day on a day like today … Continue reading

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Resurrection At sunrise in the garden Kind love met Mary Magdalene She had no expectation of seeing The dead man walking Alive After his recent encounter with death. Sightless with grief Joyfully she knew him Only when in tenderness He … Continue reading

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Facing death

When I was a child I was asked to draw a picture of Heaven. I drew a picture of a green meadow in Spring time, with a stream running along its edge, lush green grass and wild flowers, lambs gambolling, … Continue reading

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