Gentle Breeze

Bio: Julia is married to Kevin. They live together in Todmorden with their black and white cat Willow. Todmorden is a small rural town nestling among the Pennine hills in the Upper Calder Valley, on the border of West Yorkshire and Lancashire. Julia is a mixture of contradictions. She happily shares her email address with her husband; yet when she married she kept her own surname.

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11 Responses to About

  1. mzpresser says:

    Thanks for the follow! I am looking forward to checking out your blog, God bless!

    • Thanks Melissa. I have been reading your posts today. I hope you and your little daughter will soon be fully recovered. You have a bold, sincere and enthusiastic approach and I appreciate the title of your Blog too ” Work for the cause not the applause.” Sometimes it is hard not to want affirmation. I fight myself to not mind if nobody sees or likes my posts.
      I think you are courageous for another reason also. When I lived in the South of England I had one or two friends and colleagues who were Jewish. I remember one lass telling me that the worst thing she could do in her family would be to convert to Christianity or to marry a Christian. It must have taken courage for you to convert. God bless you too.

      • mzpresser says:

        Thanks for the beautiful reply. Yes it’s been a tough road. I keep my eyes on Him and would never leave Him. Some days are harder than others but ultimately I remember what He did for me. Even thinking about that for a minute brings me right back to where I need to be.

  2. Hello there,
    Thank you very much for following my blog. What a great honor for me. Will spend more my time to digging your great blog posts. Thank you and blessings to you 🙂

  3. Hi Karina,
    Thank you for the comment. What a lovely thing to say. The honour is mutual. To be truthful I have stalled in writing my posts. Initially I only intended to write during Lent. Now I want to write more and need to change the title. Being a blogging novice, I am not sure how. Any advice, I would welcome. Many blessings to you too. Julia

  4. wingedprisms says:

    Hi Julia, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. 🙂
    Many blessings to you on your blogging journey.
    cate b

  5. lensgirl53 says:

    You are a blessing. Thank you for being an encourager! I want to add that you live in beautiful country. I love the English countryside. God bless you my new friend.

    • Thank you. I have been taking it easy and nursing my cold better. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I like to encourage so I am glad you spotted that in me. I am hoping to return the compliment and visit your site soon. I am only on the computer in short snatches at present until I feel better. Love and Blessings, Julia

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  7. emmacheetham says:

    Hi Julia,

    I have come across your blog and the poem ‘Don’t let me die in the dark lord’ really stood out to me, it’s beautiful.

    I was wondering if you know if there is a longer version of where I can find it at all?


    • Hi Emma
      I am glad you like the poem and made the comment.
      I have just looked it up in the book where I got it from. Unfortunately I am not sure who wrote it. The book is called Sympathy of Life: A new spiritual anthology compiled by Anna Jeffery published by Diadem Books in 2009. Anna has collected a lot of different “pieces” from many different sources. This one is just called “A Prayer” and she might have written it herself as there is no other author mentioned. It is a lovely book if you would like to look it up. My Mum gave it to me. Love and best wishes, Julia

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