Morning Surprise; one lovely blog award


Thank you Being Eternal for nominating me for the one lovely blog award. I received the surprise on the morning when I published a post after a few months of “being stuck” . It came out of the blue. You had no idea how it made my heart sing.  It was exactly the encouragement I needed. Thank you.

This is the link you sent me:

The rules to receive the award:

  • Display the award at the top of the post, list the rules and thank the nominee with a link back to their blog.
  • Add seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 (or more) other bloggers for the award and let each know by commenting on one of their posts.

 It is my privilege to nominate the following:

Hope you come to treasure their words and pictures as I do.


Finally, the seven “facts” about me:

  • During conversations I want to give and receive focused attention and listen to understand rather than listen to refute.
  • I enjoy visiting coffee shops with my husband, Kevin, where he drinks any form of coffee and I usually drink Earl Grey tea.


  • I love to breathe in the clean smell of fresh air and hedgerows on the fur of our cat after he has been outside all day.


  • I am more likely to spot a robin singing it’s heart out from a tree, than notice a new car on my neighbour’s drive.


  • I love to walk on a still calm day when the whisper of the gentlest breeze touches my face. Hence my chosen name: Gentle Breeze.
  • Often in hindsight I realise how God searches for me when I’ve strayed; rejoices in me when I stay close; and  upholds me in His loving embrace amidst loss and failures.


  • When I laugh, my whole body shakes.            IMAG0087





Enjoy this Monday morning and laugh in delight with me.

About Gentle Breeze

Julia is married to Kevin. They live together in Todmorden with their black and white cat Willow. Todmorden is a small rural town nestling among the Pennine hills in the Upper Calder Valley, on the border of West Yorkshire and Lancashire. Julia is a mixture of contradictions. She happily shares her email address with her husband; yet when she married she kept her own surname.
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19 Responses to Morning Surprise; one lovely blog award

  1. beingeternal says:

    Congratulations! The post is awesome. I am glad that you got the much needed encouragement. Happy for you. Get uplifted and uplift someone. Stay blessed and motivated. 🙂

  2. Fr Gawain says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination! A delightful surprise.

  3. Laura says:

    Thank you, Julia, for the nomination! It’s an honor. I love your blog and believe that my English ancestors are pleased that I have such wonderful friends across the pond! Blessings!

  4. paulfg says:

    “When I laugh, my whole body shakes.”
    That insight is worth a hundred awards!!!
    Thank you for this morning – and an even bigger thank you for fact number seven!!
    “When I laugh, my whole body shakes.”
    LOVE it 🙂

  5. Hi Julia. Thank you so much for the award! It was great reading these facts about you. When you said you “listen to understand rather than listen to refute” it hit a chord with me, this is an area that I need to work on. Blessings and thank you for the eye opening! 🙂

    • I had the privilege of working with a great mentor over a year ago when I was struggling with work. He gave me the saying and I have pondered on it ever since. Sometimes it is hard to “listen to understand” when your first reaction is to dislike what someone is saying. I am beginning to spot the different types of listening in me when I am doing the listening. It is easier to distinguish the two different types in others when they listen to me. Usually , the “listening to refute” raises my hackles and I feel misunderstood.
      I am glad you are happy with the award. I enjoy your posts.

  6. lyonsroarforgod says:

    Thank you, Julia, for the nomination! It gave me a great lift of encouragement. 🙂 I loved your seven things….especially noticing the bird singing rather than the new car. How wonderful. 🙂 Lisa

  7. I am pleased it gave you a “great lift of encouragement”. That was the effect it had on me when I received the nomination. And then passing it on has been an extra part of the pleasure in receiving it.
    I enjoyed thinking up my seven “facts”. The one you mention amuses me. I walk blindly around our housing estate and my husband is the one who notices the new cars in the drives. Soon after we met we took the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory together. In Myers Briggs terms we are exact opposites “types”. Kevin is very observant through his senses. I tend to be more intuitive. It makes life interesting. He shows me the new cars and he is happy for me to point out the robin in the tree.
    All the Best,

  8. jannatwrites says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for thinking to include me in your list of nominations. I enjoyed learning a few facts about you. The noticing the robin more than a new car says so much 🙂

    • Thank you.
      You are kind to say that. I think part of it is being different kinds of people. My husband notices new cars. He loves shopping for cars, researching into them and getting the best buy. Not that we can buy a new a car often. In fact, recently we bought a small second hand car as that is what we could afford. I think my husband likes to dream, in a different way to me.I am interested when he shows me the new cars recently arrived on on our housing estate; he is happy when I point out the robin.
      Congratulations to you too. Julia

  9. lemonadelife says:

    Congratulations on the much deserved award :-). I really liked the part where you shared about yourself. I had a cat named Timber who looked a lot like your sweet cat. I love the feel of the breeze on my skin. It reminds me that even though I can’t see God with my eyes I know He’s there just like the air in that breeze. I also loved your description of your laughter…yours is the best kind. Blessings

    • Thank you for dropping by on my Blog. I have been busy over the week-end and so it was a surprise.Our cat is a rescue cat. Sadly his first owner had to go into a Nursing Home. We were told he was a house cat. He has not been a house cat with us.He loves exploring (and hunting to my dismay) in the great outdoors and then comes home at night (for which I am grateful). He makes us laugh, (my whole body shaking) and is quite a character.There is something about the feel of a breeze on your face-it makes me feel alive; and I agree, I think of God (or the Holy Spirit) in connection with a breath of wind or the murmur of wind in trees. You can see and sometimes hear the action of the wind, not the wind itself, just like the Holy Spirit. Many Blessings.

  10. Julia,
    Thanks for this lovely honour.
    I really appreciate your generosity and and I’m happy that the words we write reach each other across continents.

    • Yes. I like reading words from across the oceans. Since starting my blog and reading others, I feel more connected with people from across the world than I have done before. Keep on blogging. Julia

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