After an office day at work:

the Team meeting;

telephone ringing;

reports writing;

and traffic slowed to a crawl

by temporary traffic lights;

I go for a walk.

I discover an evening of blue sky thinking

splashed with cotton white clouds

laced with dusky undertones.

Sparkling colours and darker shadows;

Bright green pastures amid golden brown tresses.


My elongated shadow pulls me upwards

acting the comic

and mimic

ahead of me.


The glowing orb of the late August sun

is close to the horizon on the opposite hill.

I lift my face to catch the last warmth of its rays.

A dog yowls;

a responding bark;

Is that the clip clop of horses’s hooves?

Beyond, in the valley the drone of distant traffic

and a train siren sounds.


carried in the still air

above me;

People out of sight

At the foot of Stoodley Pike.


A soft breath caresses my upturned chin

Light twittering

As swallows flit and dart in zigzags around me

And I snatch the moment

Of refreshment

And communion

In solitude.


It is over;

as I stride along London Road;

a narrow bridle path over the moors;

Claimed to be a major highway in the faraway past;

250 miles from our capital city.

Do all roads lead to London?

Now I bob among the tussocks

where rutted mud and water blocks my way.

My mobile jangles in my pocket

and I hurtle down the loose gravel lane

The aroma of curry from the house on the corner.

my stomach is rumbling;

I head home to make tea.

Julia Coughlan (August 2014)


About Gentle Breeze

Julia is married to Kevin. They live together in Todmorden with their black and white cat Willow. Todmorden is a small rural town nestling among the Pennine hills in the Upper Calder Valley, on the border of West Yorkshire and Lancashire. Julia is a mixture of contradictions. She happily shares her email address with her husband; yet when she married she kept her own surname.
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9 Responses to Solitude

  1. beingeternal says:

    Searching for a good read, I came across your beautiful blog. I found your works beautiful and I would like to nominate you for “One Lovely Blog Award”. Please find the link here-

  2. mzpresser says:

    Sign me up to go wherever it is you’re describing!!!

  3. Julia thank you for stopping by my blog I will look forward to reading more from you this post is beautiful and I love your blog title too.

    • Thank you for stopping by here. I am glad you like the post and the title. I have been stuck for a little while in writing. I am full of ideas, just not getting them down. It really helps to have positive comments.Thank you.
      I didn’t say this on your post; I loved the colours in your picture of the parrot.
      All the best,

  4. Elizbeth says:

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    • Hi, thanks for the information. I looked it up. I enjoy the craft of writing and so I probably will stick to my old-fashioned method of writing it manually. I don’t mind if it is not as good as the spun method. it is the act of creating i enjoy. What I thought it might be useful for is to translate what I’ve written into another language. But then how do I know that it has translated it accurately? Too scary for me! All the best, Julia

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